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FORGING PARTS made out of Brass, Copper and light metals.

As an application oriented company, we specialize in developing and finishing your ideas, schemes, models, or CAD designed component parts. We strive to use to the most modern technologies to allow us the flexibility to complete a diverse range of applications.

The time to market factor, is important because of the continually shortening innovation cycles. Another important influence which plays a role in this process is the time needed for effective decision making. With cooperation from our clients and suppliers, and through the knowledge and experience of our staff we are able to use our modern work and finishing methods to produce working models in just days.

Client and product requirements are harmonized with all processes. We look at Quality as more than a catchy slogan. Naturally we are certified by the DIN EN  9100:2003 based at DIN EN 9001:2008

These standards and are audited by the automobile, aviation and aerospace industry.

FORGING PARTS made out of Brass, Copper and Light metals, for the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning industry, Heating and Sanitary industry, Electronic Switch Boards and Electronic Instruments, for Remote and High Frequency technology, for the Water purifying industry, for the general Machine-building industry, for the Measuerment and Automatic Control industry, for the Micro-technics and Optical industry, Medical technologies, for the Locksmith and Metal fittings industry, as well as for the Shipping, Rail, and Motor Vehicle industry.

For your information: We DO NOT sell or deliver any kind of raw materials.